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Rockley Point

Rockley Point pulled off a big surprise last night when scoring under Jason Hart at Newcastle. He only got his shoes back on 3rd January and although he was well at home he hadn’t had a lot of work and I fully expect him to come on from the run.  This little horse has been amazing for the yard and he is proving to be very special.

I stupidly jolted my ‘bad shoulder’ last night at Newcastle and dislocated it, there was some choice language! I was well looked after though and it was soon sorted so I could get back to work.  Pretty achey today so a quiet day on the cards now riding out is finished but at least there’s some great racing on to keep me entertained.  Brilliant to see some northern horses out competing for some big prizes.

Our next runners could be at Newcastle on Saturday although we would like to see some rain for those and it’s not looking like there much on the horizon.


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