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The arrival of Lola last Wednesday morning gave us all something to smile about in some pretty miserable times. Jewellery gave birth to this spritely filly foal by Schiaparelli at a very chilly 2.20 am. Both mum and foal are doing well and have been enjoying the sunshine over the weekend, exciting times ahead.

We have been working hard with our 2yo’s including lots of stalls work and they are all pleasing us in both their work and their attitude. Such a satisfying job when you can see them improving every week. We also have some of the handicappers fit and hope to hit the ground running with them when racing gets the go ahead.

We are also keeping busy doing tidying up and DIY round the yard. Pressure washing and disinfecting the stables is a big job as the heavy rubber matting all has to be lifted out which is a tough work. We also have plenty painting to keep us going, never a boring moment!

I can’t stress enough how amazing all of my owners have been in this tough time. We all work very hard- stable staff, jockeys and trainers but without owners paying the bills none of us would be in a job. I like to think that our owners are more than that, they are part of our team, a very, very important part that we appreciate very much. Heres hoping we can get their horses out and give them some winners to enjoy in the near future.

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